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Bruce Burton Oral Surgery
In Hood River, OR

Oral Surgery by Bruce Burton.When it comes to getting oral surgery, you want to make sure you are going to those who are trained in what you need done. You want to make sure that the person you are putting your trust in, has the experience and education to be able to perform the procedure in a safe and effective manner. When you call upon Dr. Bruce Barton and his trusted team of dental professionals, that is precisely what you will get.

Each Person You Come in Contact With is Extensively Trained and Educated

At Dr. Burton’s office, each person that you interact with has had extensive training and experience to be able to make your time with us, a relaxed one. We understand the anxiety that can come with having oral surgery. We also know how to be able to make your visit as comfortable and safe as possible. Not only does Dr. Barton have extensive training in how to perform the procedures you trust him to do, he also makes sure that he has the most qualified people possible, surrounding him at all times. Your visit to his office will be completed with the utmost of care and sensitivity to your needs and concerns.

The Types of Procedures Most Call an Oral Surgeon For

Most of the time, a person is in pain when they are waiting for an oral surgeon. This could be for many reasons, such as:

•  Some type of TMJ or TMD disorder
•  The need of a bone graft on the jaw
•  The removal of wisdom teeth
•  The need for corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery)
•  Inserting posts for Dental Implants

That is why Dr. Burton is fully trained in all forms of sedation dentistry and anesthesia. He wants to make sure that everything goes well during your procedure, and that you are left with a sense of relief, not a sense of pain. You will sit down with Dr. Burton before the procedure so he can tell you what the entire procedure entails, and there will also be time to come out of the anesthesia after the procedure before you will be going home. We want to make sure that you are stable, feeling alright, and not in excessive amounts of pain before discharging you. We also want to go over your instructions on how to take care of your mouth after your procedure.

While it may be a bit nerve-wracking to go to an oral surgeon, it can also bring about a great sense of relief. This is especially true when the people you put your trust in are the same people who perform all of your other dental maintenance, and that of your entire family. Turn to a dental office that offers comprehensive care for all ages, and many aspects of dental procedures. This way you get the same trusted professional who knows your history and knows who you are. Give Dr. Bruce Burton a call today, and get your oral health back up to the top of your priority list.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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We have been serving patient's dentistry needs in the Columbia Gorge for over 30 years. Come and see us!

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Bruce Burton, DMD

1002 10th St, Suite 1
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-2020
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1002 10th St, Suite 1, Hood River, OR 97031



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